Dena Rosko

Planting Seeds

I write in the imperative because life lives as a verb. I love and choose life, and so life lives. A journal and a pen befriended me at a young age. I write short stories, creative nonfiction, and inspirational intermedia, auto/ethnographic, and editorial narratives.

Growing Words

I studied Journalism, Bible & Theology at Multnomah University. I graduated with a BA in English and Communication with emphases on Mass Media Studies and Creative Writing from the University of Washington. Read my Writing Sample.

Feeding Desire

I continue to develop my academic research and writing skills as I'm currently in process for a doctoral degree. I graduated from Gonzaga University's Master of Arts in Communication and Organizational Leadership Studies. In these supportive and hybrid environments, I acquired digital literacy via virtual and on-ground team projects, presented my research virtually and on location, collaborated with my committee for my thesis and dissertation (TBA), and improved writing with brevity and audience appeal.

Write with Vision

I write to inspire a holistic and vocational benefit. I develop narrative health to improve collaboration, outcomes, and caring. I write to encourage people, and to be faithful to develop and share my purpose.

Write with a Mission

I write multi-layered narratives with imagery and a reflective tone. I desire to encourage or inspire people and to speak to writing, performance studies, anthropology, organizational and health communication, holistic leadership, and vocational development. I pray for wisdom. I care about ethos and praxis, and I study. I seek feedback from audience. I inquire of publication companies who value my themes.

For More Information

Peruse About, Write, Photograph, Communicate and Lead, and Research to learn more about my contribution. Visit my Blog. Access my Resume, CV, and Writing Sample. Contact Me if interested in partnering with me in my endeavors.