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I inquire and write about organizational health and well-being, holistic leadership, intermedia narrative, and vocational development to thrive a public commons.

Holistic Imperative

I live by vocation to communicate and lead by writing, photography, scholarship, and networking to encourage healing and growth. I integrate multiple frames of knowing. For example, I do not separate "secular" from "spiritual," or reduce persons to a research "subject," single frame, social norm, hegemonic discourse, or contrived system. I find this imperative essential given my themes' social justice overtones.

Research Paradigm

I contribute as a scholar-practitioner. I understand research to be multi- variate, channel, modal, directional, value-laden, highly creative, and yet limited in perception, and so needs counterpoints.

I notice the world as situated and systemic, and draw on guiding principles to reconcile accountings in between the compelling ethos, "all may be permissable, but not all benefits" (1 Cor. 10:23). I care about praxis and voice. I regard research participants as co-contributors and utilize supportive interviewing, ethnomethodology, and narrative. I seek wisdom and foresight (James 1:5), and enjoy writing about implications and reform. I produce creative intermedia content, and I write.

Consulting Research

I develop organizations and consult leaders via narrative, intermedia, communication, holistic leadership, and vocational development to succeed in deliverables and organizational health and well-being.


As a scholar-practitioner, I research cross-sector partnerships, narrative and discourse, organizational, leadership, vocational and community development, organizational liminality, organizational compassion, collective performance, and writing. I develop organizations via consulting for communication, leadership, and narrative. I produce intermedia, writing, and photography. I lead creative, grassroots, and intermedia teams to confirm and dialogue vocation, to enhance well-being, and to maximize individual and collective contributions for a situated and systemic benefit.

Applied Goals

I want to write/publish books, teach, direct, and/or develop curriculum for writing, holistic leadership, and organizational health and well-being, mentor graduate and international learners, design hybrid higher education programs, influence health communication reform, and collaborate cross-sector to train people with my genres.

Research Interests

Positive Organizational Scholarship ~ Implementation Sciences ~ Organizational Compassion ~ Organizational & Leader Development ~ Collective Performance ~ Collaborative Groups & Teams ~ Cross-Sector Partnerships ~ Transition Management ~ Liminal Leaders & Organizations ~ Organizational Identification ~ Sense-Crafting ~ Adaptive & Generative Learning ~ Vocational Coaching ~ Organizational Communication ~ Dialogue ~ Appreciative Inquiry ~ Communication Dis/Confirmation ~ Holistic Leadership ~ Organizational Anthropology ~ Critical & Humanistic Andragogy ~ Glocal Leadership ~ Sustainability Initiatives for Health & Education ~ Instructional Design & eLearning ~ Learner Development & Support Services ~ Writing across the Disciplines ~ Collaborative & Critical Rhetorics, Writing, Composition, & Discourse ~ Poetry, Expository, & Intermedia Writing ~ Event & Editorial Photography/Photojournalism ~ Fear Studies ~ Griefwork ~ Faith & Society ~ Volunteerism & Ecumenicism ~ Health Communication ~ Higher Education Program Design ~ Civic Engagement for Community & Public Commons

Social Concerns

I feel concern for well-being in organizations, consensus governance, human trafficking, cristophobia, war orphans, nutrition, ecological sustainability, health and education reform, and end of life care (see James 1:27). I build the public commons by encouraging people to develop vocation and contribute to a holos society (1 Tim. 4:14-16).

For More Information

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