Dena Rosko


I enjoyed my photography debut at a young age when my aunt gave me a pink wind-up camera with a four series flash as a gift. I have been photographing since -- with updated equipment of course!


Living without regret means responding to dreams. I developed Dena Rosko Photography from 2003-2009. I provided editorial images for Renton Magazine and The Business Report, and photographed commercial, portrait, event, and wedding images for clientele.


My photographs highlight expressive, humorous, abstract, sentimental, and editorial images. People comment on my laid-back style and friendly rapport, and give kudos for my professional presence and creative results. I like best editorial photography.


I integrate photography with research to explore how intermedia narrative unifies teams, boosts morale, inspires change, and fosters healing. I also consult organizations to design their communication and intermedia strategy in line with their brand.


I team up with other photographers to provide clients with a rich and unique finished product. This teamwork boosts collegiality that offsets rivalry in a saturated market. I enjoy consulting clients to develop rapport, to expand our network, and to support friendship.

Photograph with Vision

I photograph to forge community and love daily life.

Photograph with a Mission

I photograph for editorial and expressive quality and personable and affordable service.


Editorial Photographers.

For More Information

View my portfolios at Flickr and Text and Pixel Reflections | Photography. Peruse About, Write, Photograph, Communicate and Lead, and Research to learn more about my contribution. Visit my Blog. Access my Resume, CV, and Writing Sample. Contact Me if interested in partnering with me in my endeavors.