Dena Rosko

Hi! My name is Dena Rosko. Welcome to my research and networking channel!


I consult leaders and develop organizations to story solutions with heart and skill in domains pertaining to organizational well-being, vocational contribution, branding, and holistic leadership to benefit healthy connections and outcomes for individuals, organizations, and society.


Developing & Consulting
People & Organizations to
Write, Communicate & Lead for
Health, Education & the Public Commons


  • Facilitate cross sector partnership strategic decisional process
  • Develop organizations via communication, narrative, and leadership
  • Contribute to organizational health and well-being literature
  • Transition repertoire to cross-sector training and development
  • Research narrative anthropology, organizational health and well-being, and leadership and development
  • Create intermediated, inspirational, and academic writing
  • Produce editorial, detail, location, and event photography
  • Integrate, engage, and share intermedia for a social media network
  • Innovate graduate programs, develop curriculum, and direct a writing center and/or teach my genres
  • Develop narrative and tech/inquiry to reform health communication
  • Foster beneficial partnerships between faith and community
  • Emphasize social justice via dialogue, empathetic understanding, and communication confirmation
  • Encourage holism as congruence and connectivity in vocation, relationships, and service
  • Coach organizations and individuals to improve team morale, mediate fear, develop vocation, and prepare internal/external communication
  • Consult leaders in vocational development, intermedia narrative, communication, and organizational leadership and well-being
  • Help connect people with their dreams and aspirations
  • Write and publish books

Training & Development

I facilitate communication and narrative sessions with small groups and teams. I encourage leaders to develop their vocation and organizations to embed vision, mission, and goals into their communication strategy via collaborative narrative, and to support organizational health and well-being.


I coach individuals and leaders on developing their vocational story. This process often involves reflection, quality of life considerations, and career planning, but with a purpose. I assist individuals and leaders to story how they align their core values and goals with their vision, mission, and actions.

Vocation, as in calling, involves contributing our core values with compassion for a lasting benefit (see 1 Timothy 4.14-16). Adversity can impart vocational discernment. Vocation informs my decisions to write, photograph, communicate, research, and lead. I convey this vocation as a love for life-long learning and by generating rapport with people via intermedia, supportive inquiry, and confirmative collegiate affection.


I enjoy a (mostly) pesceterian-otherwise-vegan lifestyle, wine tastings, writing, classic movies, outings with friends, editorial photography, intermedia, blogging, lifelong learning and curating, meaningful conversation, loose leaf tea, walking outside, the Pacific Northwest, live music, public markets, and festivals, laughing, and watching sunrises and sunsets.


Editorial Photographers, Society for Applied Anthropology, Western States Communication Association, and Challenging Hate.

For More Information

Learn more via my channels. Peruse About, Write, Photograph, Communicate and Lead, and Research to learn more about my contribution. Visit my Blog. Access my Resume, CV, and Writing Sample. Contact Me if interested in partnering with me in my endeavors.